Develop your brand around emotional benefits
List the features and benefits of your product / service. A feature is an attribute – a color, a configuration; a benefit is what that feature does for the customer.
Determine which benefits are most important to each of your customer segments.
Identify which benefits are emotional – the most powerful brand strategies tap into emotions, even among business buyers.
Look at the emotional benefits and boil them down to one thing that your customers should think of when they think of you. That’s what your brand should represent.
Define your brand personality, story and positioning statements
Think of your brand as a person with a distinct personality. Describe him or her, then convey these traits in everything you do and create.
Write positioning statements and a story about your brand; use them throughout your company materials.
Choose colors, fonts and other visual elements that match your personality.
Determine how your employees will interact with prospects and customers to convey the personality and make sure your brand “lives” within your company.