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Whatever it is you want to achieve, good copy can help you reach your goals. The right words sell. It’s scientifically proven. The question is though; can you find the right words to sell your message?" To get the best results from your marketing campaign, your copy needs to be relevant and engaging. Striking the right tone with your subscribers can mean the difference between success and failure.

Imagine having a business so successful you no longer need to increase sales. Your existing customers generate sales enough to cover your current and future business and personal needs. Your sales pipeline is full and doesn’t decline. If you are ready to experience that kind of success please call us at (561) 899-9310.

Print and Web Design

The main benefit of good copywrite is

Increase Sales

If you’re a business owner who lies awake at night trying to figure out how to increase sales, I’d like to help you. It almost goes without saying that the written part of your marketing campaign is perhaps the single most important factor to achieving your objectives.

One key way to improve sales is to reach more in your target market and get them to contact you. It’s an obvious goal that is often difficult to do—especially for new business owners.


This is where copywriting comes in. Copywriting (not to be confused with copyrighting) is the art of writing text (known as copy within the advertising world). Good copywriting enables your marketing material to do three critical things:

Connect to your target audience at an emotional level

Give them the solution that will satisfy their need

Motivate them to contact you to satisfy their need

It doesn’t matter whether you use the Internet, video, direct mail, brochures, or smoke signals. If you’re using words to reach your target market, someone has to write that copy. If you’re writing the words and the words aren’t getting customers to contact you, can you wait until they’re dissatisfied with your competitors? Fortune500 Image offers these services to increase sales for our clients: contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Our copywriters offer online copywriting and copywriting for print media.


Online copywriting is simply copywriting for online publication. Website content, blog posts, social media, e-newsletters, e-mail letters, etc. are all examples of online copywriting. Online copywriting is similar to regular copywriting, but there are differences. The quality of your email content can be the determining factor in the success or failure of your campaign. However many working hours you may spend on your email design, the key to your success lies in giving your customers what they want. Engaging them with clear, compelling copy and a strong call to action can help you achieve campaign success. Copywriting online needs to be shorter, frequently updated, offer readers a variety of ways to interact with it, and be clearly focused. There are a lot of distractions in the online world and you’re one click away from losing your reader. That’s why writing for the online audience is especially difficult.


Copywriting for print media such as catalogs, brochures, and press releases has the same goals as online copywriting, but differs in that each print medium is used for different purposes and has its own set of constraints.

Giving well-written print media to prospects during a presentation helps you build credibility and increase sales. When the copywriting supports your claims it gives your prospects psychological reassurance since it’s written on paper and cannot be changed.

Some companies require several kinds of professionals to produce high-quality print media. When working with such clients we offer them a selection of our trusted graphic designers, photographers, printers, and marketing specialists to choose from to handle their project.


Professionalism in business is key. Professionalism will help build your subscribers' confidence and trust in your business. Unprofessional content will not only be unlikely to yield results, but can be damaging. Every word you write can have a positive or negative impact on your business so consider them carefully


Sending out a poorly written, untargeted email is not only a waste of your time, but also a waste of money. The time and resources you spend creating and sending your email campaigns is valuable. In addition, as discussed in point 5, poor copy can also be damaging to your business, costing you money in terms of potential future sales, or worse, negative PR.


It’s almost certain that your competitions are using professional copywriters. There’s only one pie and if you want your fair share of it you need to compete using the best resources at your disposal.Good copywriting is such an important part of the marketing mix that it’s vital you get it right. The results should speak for themselves."


Of course you can! However, research shows that a professionally written website is far more successful at attracting visitors and increasing business. Why? Because the environment and expectations of a website are so different from any other writing platform. Great copywriting combines the best ideas, organization and style in a way that is easy to read and easy to believe. It is the unseen helping hand that your target audience is looking for to help them get what they want.

Great copywriting is what makes the difference between a good website and a successful one. Get the attention of your readers and keep them on your site longer. They’ll notice the difference between you and your competitors and they’ll want to buy, call, click or email!


To learn how we can help you increase sales through copywriting for online or print media, please contact us for a complimentary consultation at (561) 572-8899.

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