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Better Technologies. Bigger Profits.

Our Vision read more

With revenue enhancement through technology, Authorizedata is dedicated to turning fledgling businesses into dominant enterprises. We allow you to maintain sustainable client database.

Strategy read more

Our strategy is developed around the following key steps: Build your brand. Carve out a niche. Expand your footprint. Then growth hack your way to tremendous success.

Identity read more

The best brand identity programs are meaningful, consistent, sustainable and memorable. Our graphic, audio and visual productions will enhance client experiences with your brand.

Web and Digital Design read more

Our developers build custom web solutions to create online experiences that people connect with, and come back to again and again. Which also gives you an edge over your competitors.

Our mission is to increase your brand's identity, market share and profits.

Some of our Services Offered Includes


Print and Web Design

It must stand out. Packaging is a huge part of the consumer's brand experience. We love to work with client's who have great products.

Audio and Visual

Website pages with videos have proven to convert more leads. With the help of social media campaigns can easily go viral. 

Experiential Marketing

Event marketing is powerful.  A successful, memorable event can increase the visibility of your brand and promote consumer engagement. 



Enjoy the trappings of success.

Please feel free to contact us at (561) 899-9310 for a free non-obligation consultation

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Quote of the Day

"Your brand is created out of customer contact and the experiences your customers have with you."
- Stelios Haji-Ioannou

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